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Class Descriptions

Ballet & Ballet Technique
DanceWest follows the Cecchetti method of ballet.  Ballet is the technical foundation of all dance. Ballet equips dancers with the necessary technique, strength, flexibility, posture, and grace for success in dance.  Classes consist of learning and perfecting steps and technique with barre work, centre work, and choreography (if enrolled in a performance class)
Ballet is a requirement for enrolment in all competitive programs (except our hip hop and break dance programs), pre-pointe, pointe, lyrical, contemporar
y,  modern, and tap  classes. 
Ballet is required for all recreational dancers ages 7+ who wish to also register in jazz, contemporary, or beginning their second year of tap.  

Jazz & Jazz Technique
Jazz is an upbeat, fun, and technical style of dance. Jazz uses energy filled, fast-paced movements to help dancers develop strength, flexibility, technique, skills, musicality, and style.   
Jazz technique classes (non-performing) consist of strengthening and cardio-building warm ups, fast pasced across the floor and centre technique exercises, stretching, combinations. Performing classes include choreography. 
Jazz technique is required of our competitive dancers enrolled in the following choreography classes: jazz,  lyrical, contemporary, acro, tap, and musical theatre classes. 

Lyrical is a very expressive style of dance that is based on a combination of ballet and jazz technique.  Dancers become storytellers and use facial expression and body movement to portray a character of tell a story. Once Ballet class is required for enrolment in our recreational classes.  Competitive dancers will have a requirement of a minimum of one ballet and jazz technique dependent on their company assignment. 

Contemporary & Modern
Contemporary is fusion of Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical and Modern movements/techniques.  Dancers learn to be expressive and challenge classic movements. These classes consist of learning to move the body in unconventional , challenging ways with a strong emphasis on technique. 
For the development of proper dance technique and safety in a challenging class, at least one ballet class is required for enrolment in our recreational contemporary class.   
Competitive dancers who wish to participate in a Modern solo must be enrolled in a minimum of two ballet, contemporary choroegraphy and a modern tech or choreography class.  

AcroDance (Acro) is a combination of tumbling, flexibility, balancing, partnering stunts and jazz technique.  These elements all come together to create a piece of AcroDance choreography.  Dancers in Acro must also register in ballet, and if in competitive must also be registered in jazz tech and stretch & strength. 
Dancers must first register in our Acro Development program before being invited to our competitive program.  
*If a registrant is coming from a strong gymnastics background, they may be assessed and could be offered a competitive placement.  In that case a dancer would need to be registered in ballet, jazz tech and stretch & strength. 

Tap is a fun, upbeat style of dance where we make music with our feet!  Dancers will learn the proper tap technique, dynamics such as light and shade, phrasing, musicality, and rhythm.  Adding tap to a dancers list of classes makes them a well-rounded dancers.   
Competitive tappers are required to take jazz tech, and in their second year must also take ballet
Recreational tappers, ages 7+, may take tap for one year without a supporting class, but starting their second year must add ballet to their list of classes.

Musical Theatre  
Stage:  Stage combines jazz technique, lip-syncing, facial expressions, and acting techniques to creat fun, animated pieces of choreography.   Recreational dancers, ages 7+, must also be registered in ballet or dance tech to take stage.   Competitive dancers must be registered in jazz tech.  One ballet class is encouraged. 
Song & Dance:  Combines jazz technique, singing and acting to create fun, animated pieces of choreography.  Competitive dancers must be registered in jazz tech  to register.  One ballet is also encouraged. 

Hip Hop & BreakDance
Hip Hop is a fun and exciting dance style that challenges dancers.  Dancers learn style, posture, hip hop technique, and musicality. These classes consist of proper warm-up, basic conditioning, technique and various styles of Hip Hop dance. 
BreakDance:  Also called Breaking, B-Boying/B-Girling, is an athletic style of street dance originating from the African American community in the US.  While diverse in the amount of variation available in the dance, breakdancing consists for four kinds of movements: toprock, downrock, power moves and freezes.   At DanceWest we offer both recreational and competitive BreakDance classes for children ages 5-19. 

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